Vegetable farming in Kenya-most profitable vegetable business in Kenya


Vegetable cultivating is one of the quiet cash producers in Kenya. In a nation made up of more than 40 million individuals of various clans and ethnicities, whose significant shared factor is the utilisation of vegetables in setting up their nourishment, vegetable cultivating in Kenya is undoubtedly exceptionally productive.

Have you at any point thought about vegetable cultivating as a possibility for building a business? The term ‘Agriculturist’ used to be intensely connected with poverty and ignorance. That was at that point, not present any longer when ranchers are turning into the wealthiest individuals (I heard that one of the wealthiest men in China is an agriculturist) and carrying on with the best of life presumably. Presently, on the off chance that you are into cultivating and you’ve been searching for the best vegetables to develop and get some great benefit, your inquiry ought to be over before the finish of this post.

most profitable vegetables in Kenya


One truth that I have known for quite a while is that mushrooms are anything but difficult to develop in a little space and costly to purchase in the supermarket. A rancher can offer one kilogram at Sh 600 to customers, and this means 1.2 million KSHs in income You can likewise look at Where to Sell Mushroom in Kenya here.

2. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the mainstream vegetables in our nation and around the globe because of its high wholesome esteem. It is viewed as unrivalled because it is high in vitamin C and dietary fibre. One head of Lettuce broccoli goes at Sh70 to Sh100. On a decent month, you can influence Sh100,000 to Sh150,000 to benefit from Lettuce cultivating.

3. Cilantro (Dania)

Dania is anything but difficult to develop, and it’s in high demand right now in Kenya. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals and starches. It diminishes hacks, skin issue, looseness of the bowels, cholesterol and hypertension. Suppose you purchase Ksh 1000 Dania seeds can give an aggregate income of KSh 30,000 to 45,000 inside 45 days.

4. Kale (sukumawiki)

Sukuma wiki is beneficial because of one harvest for up to five months consistently as long as you control bothers and apply fertiliser. The product is anything but difficult to develop and oversee. You can get amongst Sh20,000 and Sh36,000 from the around nine sacks.

5. Pumpkin vegetable

Its verdant green leaves have on popularity for quite a while in Kenya. You can make a normal of 40,000 of every a decent month from this wander.

6. Cabbage cultivation in Kenya

Cabbage cultivating in Kenya is exceptionally beneficial because the vegetables are incredibly mainstream. A section of land of cabbage can hold around 19,000 plants which means a benefit of more than Ksh 400,000 on a decent season ( 2 months)

7. Spinach

Spinach is, for the most part, developed given its delicious consumable green takes off. They are rich in vitamin and minerals, particularly iron. The yield can be reaped for a time of 6 a year. In the wake of deducting costs, on a decent month, you can make near 100,000 from spinach cultivating.

8. Tomato growing in Kenya

Before planting tomatoes, the accompanying elements ought to be considered:-

  • Type of soil
  • Climate
  • Variety of seeds
  • The previous crop planted

9. Bean stew cultivating in Kenya

The wholesome estimation of Kenya Chillies, much the same as others, can’t be undermined as they are an impressive wellspring of vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex and minerals like manganese, iron, potassium and magnesium. The capsaicin in them contains hostile to bacterial, against diabetic, antagonistic to cancer-causing and pain relieving properties. They additionally help to lessen cholesterol levels in the body, assist in processing, help diminish headaches, muscle and joint agony.

Given the perfect warm climate conditions, Kenya is a centre point for the development of excellent chillies. The hotter the developing conditions, the more smoking the stew.

The most effective method to Grow Chilies for Profit in Kenya

The chillies ought to be planted in a region where it can get sufficient daylight. You likewise need to guarantee that the temperature doesn’t dip under 15°C or else the development of the chillies is repressed.

When you see blossoms, this implies chillies will start to show up following a little while! Hedge-like bean stew plants can be accomplished by cutting the tips of the plant when it is as of now 6″ tall. Chillies are hued green, and following a little while, the natural products will turn red. Reap the chillies before they shrink.

Here’s a tip – the more drawn out the chillies stay connected to the plant, the fiercer they move toward becoming. Natural products can be solidified for later utilize. When dealing with chillies, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly to maintain a strategic distance from any contact with the eyes. After gathering, you would now be able to get ready hot formulas that you can appreciate with your family. The abundance chillies can be sold for the benefit.


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