List of all top TV Stations in Kenya 2021


Kenya is a diverse country in terms of almost everything.According to the last census there are over 40 million people who live in Kenya and this attracts media attention and marketing.

There are over 50 TV stations operating in Kenya with some which are vernacular while some target the overall Kenyan population as well as international viewers.In this post we focus on the list of TV stations in Kenya that you can choose to watch at any time.

  1. NTV
  2. KTN home
  3. KTN News
  4. Citizen television
  5. Signet- K24-(News television)
  6. Signet- Citizen TV
  7. Signet – Word Music TV (24 hour music)
  8. Signet- GBS TV
  9. Kiss TV
  10. K24 TV
  11. Kass TV
  12. GBS TV
  13. Lake Victoria TV
  14. GOR TV
  15. Family TV
  16. KBC channel 1
  17. Heritage TV
  18. 3 Stones TV
  19. Sayare TV
  20. Signet- KBC 1
  21. Signet- KTN
  22. Signet- NTV
  23. Signet- LVTV (lake Victoria TV)
  24. Signet- Gor TV
  25. Signet- Senate TV(parliamentary proceedings)
  26. Signet- Kass TV( Kalenjin TV)
  27. Signet- QTV
  28. Signet- Edu TV (KIE TV)
  29. Signet- Bunge TV(parliamentary proceedings)
  30. Signet- Heritage TV
  31. Signet- 3 stones TV (A Kikuyu TV)
  32. Signet- Family TV (Gospel television)
  33. Signet- Sayare TV (gospel television)
  34. Signet- Dream Television
  35. Signet- Property Television(sell of houses real estate)
  36. Signet- TV10(music)
  37. Signet- Youth Television
  38. Signet- Kiss TV
  39. Signet- Express TV
  40. Signet- Aviation TV (gospel)
  41. Signet- Hope TV (gospel C.I.T.A.M)
  42. Signet- Revival Television (Gospel)
  43. Signet- Fountain Television
  44. Signet- Bazaar Television (about cars-sales and adverts)
  45. Signet- Adventist(gospel)
  46. Signet- Deliverance(gospel)
  47. Signet- GE TV(gospel)
  48. Signet- Joy Television(gospel)
  49. Signet- Millennium/MBN(gospel)
  50. Signet- EATV
  51. Signet- UTV
  52. Signet- Kingdom(gospel)
  53. Signet- Y254
  54. Signet- Pwani TV


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