Top 10 highest paid comedians in Kenya

highest paid comedians in Kenya

It is no mystery that comedians are earning it to the list of top earners for income made from the entertainment and comedy industry in Kenya.
Comedy has recently passed the music industry, and comedians are now securing more money than artists. Comedy has passed the music industry, but comedians are also driving journalists out of the media corporations.

You go to any radio studio, and you will find one or two comedians entertaining radio shows beside the main show host.
The likes of Churchill, Eric Omondi, and MC Jessy have earned a name out of comedy, and with the name, cash came a long way.

Before taking a peek at the list of top-paid comedians in Kenya, it is deserving noting that comedy has multiple streams of cash comedians can tap from.
Comedians earn most of their funds through stand-up comedy, online platform advertisements, direct advertisements, sponsorship deals, and individual projects.

Many comedians have daytime works at several radio stations and TV stations where they host shows, mostly morning programs or evening programs, besides main presenters. This and many more are just several revenue streams that have driven several comedians to convert millionaires.
Here is the list of highest-paid Comedians in Kenya.

Top 10 highest paid comedians in Kenya

  1. Daniel Ndambuki, aka Churchill

Undoubtedly the father of comedy in Kenya, Churchill has managed to make a fortune through his Laugh Industry Company, where he hosts several comedians. Churchill has laid a platform for comedians through his Churchill Comedy Show that has introduced so many comedians to Kenyans. Apart from the millions collected from the entrance fees, Churchill cashes in lots of money whenever his show is aired on TV.

Churchill’s earnings do not end with the show airing on NTV as he also doubles up as a comedian where he hosts a morning show on Classic FM radio station alongside Maina Kageni. Apart from this, the funny man attracts a lot of direct sponsorship through advertisement deals.

  1. Jalang’o

From his humble beginnings from the Papa Shirandula Show back in the days, Jalang’o has risen to the millionaire he is today, thanks to his ever-flourishing career. Jalang’o, who currently hosts a morning Show at Kiss 100 alongside Kameme Goro, has a big following. The Covid-19 pandemic just made him open up more revenue streams when he launched the now famous Jalang’o TV.

Jalango is on record stating that he received over ksh.1.8 million as the first payment from his Jalang’o TV channel from Google alone.

Jalong’o reaps big through his YouTube Channel. Apart from the Google Advertisement program, the funny many has inked several direct advertisement deals from numerous companies that translate to Millions of shillings. This has seen him become one of the highest-paid comedians in Kenya. A Kiss 100 radio where he is currently working, his monthly salary is lucrative, making him one of the top earners at the media house.

Jalang’o recently launched a Jalang’o TV blog that is currently receiving high viewership generating monthly revenue that runs in Millions.

  1. Eric Omondi

Eric omondi


Eric Omondi is arguably the King of African Standup Comedy. From his humble beginnings at Churchill Show, Eric Omondi has gone ahead and built a brand name for himself. Eric Omondi attracts endorsements from various brands and sponsorship deals that have seen him rise to the millionaire that he is today. His consistent quality video skits on his YouTube Channel have also seen him earn more millions thanks to the large following commands.

Eric has a huge following Outside Kenya as well in the standup comedy industry. In Tanzania, he is usually accorded a Comedy King reception. His invitations usually attract a much bigger audience. Eric Omondi also earns lots of shillings from emceeing at events.

  1. Inspector Mwala


Inspector Mwala recently retired from his daily radio citizen morning show- Jambo Kenya, where he had been a household name for years. From the show, Mwala was able to generate good revenue to the point he started his own show on Citizen TV- Inspector Mwala Show.

Mwala has also been able to generate a lot of wealth through advertisement deals. Mwala may literally be short, but if he stands on the money he has accrued from his shows and advertisement deals, he will eventually be the tallest man around.

His show on Citizen TV continues to generate revenue for the celebrated funny man.

  1. JayMo Ule Msee

Having registered Team Mafisi as an official organization, JayMo has attracted a huge following thanks to his viral YouTube skits geared towards relationship chronicles and dating. JayMo recently narrated how he quit his high-profile banking job to concentrate on comedy, a move he says has paid off.

JayMo says a Ksh. 50,000 per month salary he was receiving at the bank saw him struggle in life, and he was shocked when he realized that he could Make ksh.150,000 in a week doing what he loves.

JayMo largely generates his earnings through direct advertisement and content he creates through his YouTube channel. JayMo brands himself as a content creator.

Jaymo ule msee

  1. MC Jessy

MC Jessey is currently reaping big from his Jessey Junction show that has a large following on YouTube. Recently MC Jessey entered into a partnership with the Standard media group where he airs his Jessey Junction show making the show have numerous revenue streams.

Apart from what he earns through YouTube and KTN partnership, the show also generates millions for the funny man through direct advertisement to advertises different products for companies.

Despite Covid-19 having put on hold his usual host job at Churchill Show, MC Jessey has gone ahead and established himself as a force to reckon in the entertainment industry. Jessey also earns a lot of money from emceeing gigs as he is good at it.

  1. Njugush

From the Real House Helps of Kawangware to going independent, Njugush, alongside his wife, is forced to reckon in the comedy industry.

Njugush has been able to weather the storm and stand out as one of the most-followed comedians in Kenya.

Njugush generates most of his revenue through direct advertisement deals, YouTube, and emceeing. His comic YouTube skits have made Njugush be one of the most sought-after personalities in the country.

  1. MCA Tricky


MCA tricky is another Kenyan comedian that you cannot ignore. The funnyman who also doubles up as a radio presenter at Milele FM has been able to name himself in the comedy industry. From the humble beginnings at Churchill Show stand-up comedy, MCA Tricky has risen to fame to be one of the most sought-after comedians.

Apart from the earnings he gets from the radio hosting shows, Tricky generates a substantive amount from his YouTube channel, direct advertisement, and emceeing deals.

  1. Desagu

Desagu, popularly known as the Prince of Mwihoko, is a sensational You tuber who has managed to attract a huge following in and outside the country. Desagu generates most of his revenue from YouTube, and last year, he was awarded as the YouTube personality of the year.

Desagu also generates his earnings revenue from direct advertisement and promotion deals.

  1. Flaqo


With his unique style of comedy, Flaqo has managed to attract a huge following, and the guy is smiling all the way to the bank. Flaqo can play different roles, and his way of bringing out various characters in a unique way makes him stand out. He is also big when it comes to advertisement, and his advertisement deals with the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK). Naivas was thrilling, making him one of the highest-paid comedians in Kenya.

Flaqo generates his revenue through direct advertisement, sponsorship deals, and YouTube.



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