Tala Loan application Form online 2022

Tala Loan application

Ever wondered how to apply for Tala loan? Does tala have a loan application form? Tala App gives unsecured loans to Kenyans at a short-term repayment period. Discover how to Download Tala Android App, apply for a Loan and get it instantly by mpesa.

About Tala App

Tala App is an android built a mobile application that was founded by Shivani Siroya, which gives lending services. In Kenya, it provides unsecured mobile loans to literary everyone who has an ID and is an active M-Pesa registered user.

As of writing this post, it had over 5 million downloads on the Google play store and has a star rating of 4.6 out of all 364,883 reviews.

Tala loan app also works the same way as many other online-based mobile loan apps like Branch, Okash, Timiza e.t.c. Other countries that Tala operates in include Mexico, the Philippines, India, and Tanzania.

Requirements for applying for a Tala Loan and the Limits

To be qualified to apply for a Tala loan in Kenya, you need to have a national ID, a certified mobile phone number, an active Mpesa account, and an android powered smartphone (for OS 4.0.3+).

You can borrow between Ksh. 1,000 up to Ksh50,000 depending on your loan limit and credit score. Your loan limit will rise depending on a number of factors put in place, one of them being the early repayment of loans.

How to Apply for a Tala loan

To download the Tala App follow the procedure below;

  • Visit Google Play Store and search: Tala App Loan
  • Download and Install the App
  • Create your Tala Account by following the enrollment prompts
  • Once you are done with the registration process, you will be able to view loan offers available to you depending on your current credit score
  • Apply for the loan facility that you qualify
  • Tala app uses less than five minutes to process your loan.
  • Afterward, you will receive a message both in your Tala account and mpesa of your credit disbursement.

NOTE: You cant take a another loan if you had taken one before and have not cleared repaying the previous loan.

Tala Loan Interest Rates

Just like Branch loans, the interest rates do vary depending on the type of loan you take and your repayment period.

For example, loans that need 30 days to repay will acquire interest rates ranging from 7% to 15%, depending on your loan application frequency. On the other hand, loans that need 21 days to repay charge a 5% to 11% fee.

How to repay Tala Loan

To repay your Tala Loan, simply follow the procedure provided below;

  • Go to the Mpesa Paybill option
  • Enter tala Paybill Number: 851900.
  • Account Number: Simply Use your Tala registered phone number
  • Amount to pay: What you borrowed plus interest
  • Pay and click ok

NOTE: If you have returned your tala loan and it has not been reflected in your account, go to the Tala mobile App and send the mpesa confirmation code via support App chat.

Tala Loan CRB Listing and Clearance

Suppose you take more than 112 days to return your Loan. Your details will be submitted to the CRB through Metropol, Creditinfo, and Transunion. To check if your name has been presented to CRB by tala, dial *433# and follow the steps.

You can repay your outstanding tala loan to be cleared from CRB within 48 hours of operation days. Tala does not, however, issue a CRB clearance document. You will need to contact the nearest credit reference bureaus to get any clearance certificate.

Tala App error and troubleshooting

Below are answers to common Tala App errors;

Payment not reflecting error: Send the mpesa confirmation code, time of repayment, and amount to Tala via the App chat section.

Lost verification code: Uninstall and then reinstall the tala app; you will be sent a different verification code. Your loan account will not be lost.

Change Tala Pin: Simply Go to the App and then click forgot Pin to reset it.

Blocked Pin: Take a photo of your national ID and send it to Tala via the app chat

Device not supported: Tala solely works on Android phones version 4.10.3+

Account Linked to another device: If you have lost your phone or changed your device, then you may encounter such an error. Kindly contact the Tala support team utilizing any of the SMS means provided below so that they may unlink your previous account.

ID number has been registered already: If you have never used the tala app before and are getting this kind of error message, then this is a severe case of fraud. Somebody may have used your ID to register a sim card. You can SMS tala to 2991 so that they can seek out the issue.

Not eligible for tala loan: Even if you have returned your first, second, third e.t.c loan in time. You may be surprised to apply for a fourth-time loan and find that you are not qualified. The reason is, Tala looks at your mobile device data, and if it notices you have not been sending SMS, calling, doing mpesa activities e.t.c then lowers your loan limit or credit score. The answer here is just one; try another week or day.

Tala Loan Contacts

You can reach Tala customer care through these contacts;

  • Email support: hellokenya@talamobile.com
  • Chat: Go to the Tala App chat section
  • SMS: send SMS to 21991
  • Website: https://tala.co.ke

Now if you are still looking for the tala loan application form online you can use this guide to help you get the loan approved in minutes to your mpesa account.



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