How to file KRA iTax Returns online 2021 step by step


How do you file KRA Tax returns online in 2021? Here is the ultimate guide to help you in filing Nil returns and any legal tax returns in Kenya 2021. Read On.

The Kenya Revenue Authority often issues public notices, tax evasion schemes, and career opportunities on their online portal. One of the most important statements issued by KRA was released on March 1st, 2014 calling for migration. The statement read, ‘Kindly note that KRA will not accept nor issue receipts for manual returns of Domestic Tax Payments in any of its offices. All Domestic Tax Payments MUST be made through the Payment Gateway in any of the KRA agent banks listed on the KRA website.’

iTax has been growing regarding its features, and the new method of paying taxes has been embraced by many Kenyans. The system has made it easier for Kenyans to file KRA returns while at home via the official KRA website. We’ll also explore how to file company returns as well as nil returns.

Any taxpayer or agent has access to the KRA online portal and can file tax returns as long as they have all the credentials. By downloading the eForm found on the KRA website and selecting their employer, a taxpayer can file returns from the comfort of their house. While all the information should be filled online, the taxpayer should also validate the same while offline using Microsoft Office’s Excel program.

You should also accept the terms and conditions indicated by KRA before hitting the upload button. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to file KRA returns online.

How to file KRA returns on iTax

Here are a few things you should know before learning how to file KRA iTax returns.

  1. You should have your employer information with you if employed.
  2. Ensure your employer’s information includes his KRA PIN. You should also request your employer to give you his P9 Form seeing it has almost all the information required when filing your returns.
  3. All financial statements should be close
  4. The mortgage interest certificate/Underwriter’s PIN/Insurance Premium Certificate
  5. Withholding tax certificates, if needed
  6. Any relevant documents regarding claims for deductions or income received

Also, before reading the guide below on how to file tax returns on KRA iTax, you should have a KRA pin, which will enable you to access their online portal. The PIN is an important part of the how to file tax returns KRA guideline below as well as the KRA-generated password. To learn how to file KRA tax returns online, you must also have at least an iPad, laptop or a computer.

To file returns KRA also requires you to be familiar with Microsoft Office programs such as Excel seeing you will use them to answer some of the questions asked by the institution to verify your claims or even employment.

Our guideline on how to file KRA tax returns the different tax obligations there are with emphasis on the most common ones such as VTA and PAYE. We will also explore how to file nil returns on KRA iTax for those with a KRA PIN and no source of income. This service might have been disabled for a few months but you can now head to KRA file nil returns and get an acknowledgment receipt after completing the simple process.

After the introduction of iTax, most people did not know how to file tax returns online KRA. As such, most people relied on Huduma Centers and KRA branches, but with the latter almost always busy, cybercafés’ learnt how to file tax returns KRA and have since aided thousands of Kenyans in filing returns in time.

There is also a KRA how to file returns section on the institution’s official website under the FAQ segment, but it might be a little complicated for most people. However, our how to file returns online KRA guideline is simple and to the point, but just like the KRA file tax returns section on the official KRA website, we included detailed imagery of what to expect when you start this mandatory process to make it even easier and understandable.

How to file returns on KRA iTax

You can now file KRA returns by accessing the official KRA website and login in using your PIN and password.

  • Press the the log in button and you’ll get a security question seeking to verify ownership of your online KRA account. Be sure to answer this question correctly to allow you to proceed to the next step.
  • After logging in, scroll to the navigation bar, and select e-returns, a set of options should appear. Scroll downwards and click on file returns.
  • The page that is displayed contains information regarding the different types of taxes people pay. Be sure to select the right Tax application before clicking next.
  • The page that follows contains information regarding the filling process as well as a link to download the KRA file returns form. Download this form (it should be either in Excel or ODS format) and open it on your device.
  • The tax-returns form contains different fields which should be filled with correct information. After filling in all the required details, save the document on your device as a zip file then return to the file returns online KRA portal.
  • After accessing the page, select the time period for which you are filing the taxes. By this time, your document should already be in zip format. You are required to upload it on this page before agreeing on the terms and conditions then click on submit.
  • The KRA system will validate the business PIN you entered and successfully complete your process to file KRA returns online or display an error message if authentication fails. However, if the process is successful, the message below will be displayed.

How to file nil returns KRA

The process of how to file nil returns on KRA is almost similar to that of filing tax returns. Here’s how to file KRA nil returns online.

  1. Visit the official website for KRA then login using your KRA PIN and password the answer the security question asked to validate your login process. Remember, answering the security question and filling in your details correctly is the only way to access iTax.
  2. To file for nil returns KRA requires you to navigate to the returns menu on its website then select the File Nil Returns option. The ‘returns’ menu can be found on the navigation bar after logging in and contains different tax payment options.
  3. After clicking next, you will be directed to the Tax Obligation Page for nil returns where you are expected to select your type of taxation and tax obligation then enter your KRA PIN.
  4. After clicking next, your screen will display the Income Tax Resident Individual Nil e-Return/PAYE nil e-Return form asking for your ID number, the entity type, branch name, and the return period. Fill in the remaining boxes then click submit.
  5. A successful submission message will then be displayed followed by an acknowledgement receipt.

The process on how to file zero returns on KRA above is vetted by the taxman and was rolled back just a few months ago after iTax underwent renovation.

How to file returns for a company

Since KRA introduced the iTax system which teaches Kenyans how to file KRA iTax returns and even completes the process, major organizations have opted for this innovation as opposed to traditional methods.

  • Before filing returns for your company, you should first register the organization on iTax as well as its TAX obligations.
  • After confirming your company’s TAX obligations, click on iTax in the KRA official website; the login page should appear for registered users alongside instructions for unregistered users.
  • If your company PIN is not registered online, follow the guide on how to register it online. You will be redirected to the eRegistration page where you are required to fill in the taxpayer type (non-individual), the PIN, the business registration certificate number, and confirm the security stamp.
  • After clicking submit, the iPage section will appear where you are required to fill in all your company’s details. These include the accounting period, business name, type, and subtype as well as your business’ registration and commencement dates to mention a few. Make sure you complete all the sections from A to F and confirm that all the details entered are factual.
  • If you have filed tax returns before using iTax, the system will provide most of the information. All that is required of you is updating it where necessary. However, make sure you fill in all the mandatory sections (often indicated using a red star).
  • If all the information is filled in and factual, the next page should display a ‘registration successful’ as well as a download link to your new PIN certificate.


How to file KRA returns 2018 in Kenya?

How to file KRA PAYE returns online

The KRA page on domestic taxes has a list of the different types of PAYE form offered by the institution. If you’re not sure about your obligation towards PAYE as an employer or employee, you can visit that section for additional guidance. However, to file your PAYE returns on iTax, follow the following instructions.

  • Find the official KRA website and log in using your PIN and password.
  • Under the returns section, click on file returns then select income Tax followed by the PAYE option. Once you click on PAYE, the website will redirect you to another page where you can download the form.
  • The document, which is available in both Excel and Open Office format, should have a variety of tabs, which should be filled with factual information. Make sure you fill in all the details correctly to avoid repeating the process all over again. After filling in the details, save the document on your machine where you can access it easily.
  • Return to the iTax page and under the ‘Returns’ section click file returns. You will be redirected to the e-Returns page where you will be required to fill in details such as your PIN and TAX Obligation to mention a few before pressing the next button.
  • You will then be asked to fill in the return period, which in this case should be every month before uploading the saved zip document to the KRA portal.
  • Lastly, agree to the terms and conditions then click submit to file your PAYE returns on iTax. Expect a returns receipt at the end.

The process of how to file annual returns KRA is almost similar to the one above with the only glaring difference being the par-period. However, most Kenyans are paid on a monthly basis and as such are eligible to PAYE and VAT taxes.

How to file VAT returns online

The process on how to file KRA iTax returns regarding VAT is almost similar to the one discussed above entailing PAYE. The VAT file can be accessed by logging into the KRA portal and selecting file returns under the returns navigation pane. You will then download a VAT spreadsheet which will allow you to fill in all the required information.

After filling and saving the document on your device, log in to iTax then select returns then scroll down to file returns. Just like in PAYE, the e-Returns page for VAT has three mandatory requirements which should all be filled with factual information. The return period is filled automatically considering VAT returns are filed every month.

Lastly, click the upload button and transfer the zip file from your device then agree to the terms and conditions before clicking submit. The process is completed by an acknowledgement number as well as a link to download your returns receipt.

The iTax KRA how to file tax returns guideline above is in line with the procedure stipulated on the KRA official website. Visit KRA file returns and contribute like every other Kenyan citizen seeing it’s your legal obligation.

Many Kenyans often ask the question on how to use the new government online portal to file their KRA iTax returns.In this post we give you a clear step by step procedure in 2018.

  1. First, visit the official online portal.
  2. Right on the login page for the KRA iTax portal enter the KRA Pin number along with the password, you will be prompted with a security question, make sure to answer it properly.
  3. Click on the ‘e-Returns’ at the navigation tab, after that click on the option ‘file Returns’.
  4. Now, it is time for you to select the type of returns. Before you click ‘next’, make sure you have selected the Tax application that is applicable to you.
  5. The next page will be a walkthrough for the filling process. Click on the provided links to download the form of the Tax Returns in either ODS or Excel.
  6. Now, make sure you are filling up all the necessary fields in the tax-returns form that you have downloaded. Save the document file in your laptop or computer.
  7. It will be necessary for you to enable the macros option so that you will be able to Validate along with getting your file zipped.
  8. The registration is almost complete, return on to the page and then select the time period you are filling for. Next, it is time to upload the zip file out of the form of the iTax Returns. Make sure you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned. When you are done select ‘Submit’.
  9. You will be prompted if you would like to finish up with uploading the file, click on the ‘ok’ button.


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