Top 10 richest musicians in East Africa 2021

Top 10 richest musicians in East Africa

The goal of every musician is to entertain their audience through their workmanship. Nevertheless, their work must correspond with their income which then determines their lifestyle. Some artists struggle to make ends meet in the entertainment business. On the other hand, others have grown to be millionaires in the same career. Currently the richest musician in East Africa is Diamond PLatinumz with a total net worth of $7 million.

Many musicians who had nothing totally are now living super luxurious lives due to their progress in the music industry and different business ventures they have. East African music professionals have been featured in the international sphere for the variety of songs they produce. Their popularity has earned them accolades, top musical awards, and money in almost identical measure.

Here are the top 10 richest East African musicians.

Rank Name Net Worth
1. Diamond Platinumz $7 million
2. Bobi Wine $7 million
3. Jose Chameleone $6.2 million
4. Akothee $6 million
5. Ringtone $5 million
6. Ali Kiba $4.5 million
7. Sauti Sol $4 million
8. Jaguar $3.5 million
9. Professor Jay $3 million
10. Lady Jaydee $2.4 million


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