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Netflix is a standout amongst the most famous streaming option for the audiences who are into television mostly. It initially began around 20 years sooner, back around then Netflix was only a DVD benefit that depended on membership. They would mail the DVDs directly to your house and the service is still on. When Netflix had first debuted in the streaming service it had allowed all of its viewers to watch the best on-demand TV shows and also movies. Presently watch the best Netflix films in Kenya too. Continue perusing to know significantly more. The best part about Netflix was additionally that their video streaming were totally advertisement free.

It has been a long time from that point forward and it appears that Netflix has moved toward becoming among the most critical and greatest names in the stimulation division. Netflix is known to create the most famous, widely praised and the best TV shows. A portion of the TV shows on Netflix incorporate House of Cards, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Stranger Things. They are additionally into motion pictures alongside facilitating of a portion of the first comic drama specials.

As of now, Netflix offers up a very wide range of content all across any genre that you can imagine. The content amount in Netflix is so much high that if you sat down for streaming all of Netflix’s content, it will probably take a lot of lifetimes for you to finish every single one of them. Starting from classic movies to most demanded TV shows; Netflix sign up is a onetime pit stop for your entertainment needs.

What is Netflix in Kenya? How to get Netflix in Kenya?

Netflix and its contents are global. People are finally happy to get a Netflix subscription in Kenya. The content that people are getting in the US is the same as what the Kenyans will get to see if they subscribe. Since Netflix is better known for movies then it is good news to the movie junkies out there.

The content is always updated. They also have soap opera and documentaries but very less of them are available. If you need subtitles you can add them accordingly, this is definitely good news for people who are deaf. You can pause your shows and resume them anytime whenever you have the comfort. Keep reading more to find out how to get Netflix on TV in Kenya.

However, not all of their content is available in HD or UHD quality. The quality will totally depend on your internet connectivity.

Netflix works well with fast and reliable internet. Normally, you need speeds of at least 5Mbs to stream HD and 25Mbs to stream Ultra HD. If you lack this then you’re going to have to put up with poor quality video streaming and endless buffering. Now that’s something a lot of Netflix users in Kenya will have to deal with. The recommended internet providers include Zuku, Faiba – Jamii Telcom, Safaricom and Airtel Kenya for Netflix

Netflix Kenya contacts

Is Netflix available in Kenya? Basic details on Netflix Kenya charges

Netflix prices in Kenya

People now have a continuous urge to find out how much is Netflix in Kenya. Netflix is an on-demand streaming media service provider that allows you to stream movies and TV shows at a very much standard monthly fee. In Kenya, they have a total number of 3 packages which cost Kshs 814, Kshs 1,018 and Kshs 1,222. These account for US$7.99, US$9.99 and US$11.99. Features of these three subscription plans vary.

How to pay for Netflix in Kenya? Details for the Netflix payment in Kenya

There are lots of payment options you can try for Netflix. Currently, among the options include MasterCard, PayPal and the Nakumatt global card. This is for the people who are concerned about enjoying Netflix launch in Kenya. This method is also available for everyone who has a decent Visa card and a bank account which is functional in order to access Netflix in Kenya. An active MasterCard or Visa is however important. Your bank account will be automatically debited every month. So, if you want a way out of the subscription you have to cancel your subscription. The payment is done on a monthly basis – and Netflix will automatically debit your bank account on a monthly basis so you’ve to actually cancel the subscription online if you want to opt out.

How Netflix works in Kenya and around the globe?

The user interface of Netflix is familiar with any other streaming service out there. For the people who try it out for the first time, the experience is definitely a breeze. It actually goes this way-

  1. Your queue will be your primary source of the movies that you would want to watch. As you move around the content on Netflix’s main website or application, there will be a circle with a very minute plus sign. This button you will be using in order to add content to your cue so that you can view them later. The process is going to be the same for Netflix channels in Kenya as well.
  2. Remember that if you have just begun to start using Netflix then your queue will not have any content in it because you need to add them manually later.
  3. Right under your queue, you will be able to see that Netflix offers a lot of row of options for television shows and movies, everything sorted as per the genre.
  4. As you keep watching more and more content, Netflix will be monitoring and learning your viewing habits and accordingly it will be offering you custom genres along with colour names such as, ‘90s action horror’ or ‘peaceful conventional romantic films for teenagers’ and all you have to do is watch Netflix and chill in Kenya.
  5. The algorithm used by Netflix is probably among the smartest in the streaming industry. You should definitely take a view on the recommendations that Netflix will make for you once you have gone out of the phase where you are doing nothing but just watching every big movie. The recommendations are so much accurate that you are guaranteed to get surprised.

Netflix Library

The library of Netflix is a treasure of among the most exciting and popular range of shows from major networks and hit movies. A good sound of progress for Kenyans too as finally, Netflix service in Kenya is now on. Some of the TV series like The Flash, Arrow, The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy have joined the service just after a few months right after their very official airdate.

All the viewers of Netflix are just very much thankful for Netflix’s deal with Disney which has made Netflix the first streaming service where you can find new Marvel Studios releases such as Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War.

Data usage by Netflix

Netflix uses a huge amount of data. The rate of Netflix charges in Kenya is the same as it is world-wide. That ultimately will not matter depending on your internet plans. But do not panic because it is very much easy to finally adjust. Here is the data usage chart-

  • Unlimited: The maximum quality that is possible for your device and the movie or shows that you will watch will definitely peak at the exact same rate just as High.
  • Automatic: This is the optimal quality that is determined as per your internet connectivity.
  • High: The best video quality which will be using up to a total amount of 3 GB of data for an hour. For Ultra HD you will need up to 7 GB of data per hour.
  • Medium: This is the standard video quality that will be using up to 0.7 GB of data in an hour.
  • Low: This is the very basic quality that will be using up to a mere 0.3 GB of data in an hour.

A basic advice: If you want to know which among the following is the best for a balance in both data usage as well as the annoyance of dealing with issues, such as buffering, the rate is globally the same just as Netflix prices in Kenya. Automatic is the only best option you can pick. Just in case if you are having an unlimited data plan then you should not think twice and go for the unlimited data plan.

Controlling Netflix data usage on mobile phones

  • STEP 1- Open the Netflix mobile application- Look for a menu button after opening the Netflix app. It will appear as dots or it could be three lines. Just tap that and select App Settings.
  • STEP 2- Go to the app settings option- After you enter the app settings option just select the ‘Cellular Data Usage’ option and choose your data usage relevance through the application.
  • When you have adjusted the cellular data on your phone this will help you to ease out the total amount of data that you will be using when you start using Netflix in Kenya. Choose among the convenient options which are mentioned above.

Controlling the Netflix data usage on the computer

  • Step 1: First go to your account- As you log in to your Netflix user account, at the top-right corner you will get to see ‘Your Account’ option. Click it, scroll down to the user profile section and then select ‘Playback settings’
  • Step 2: Now it is time to manage playback settings- You can easily control the different aspects of the video quality along with the data usage when you are streaming on Netflix by choosing various options such as high, medium, low or auto. The high mode option is going to use up huge amounts of data whereas the auto mode is going to optimize the settings as per your hardware.

Is downloading an option on Netflix? And more details on Netflix Kenya download options

If you are a person who loves movies and TV shows so much that you don’t care if you are travelling or just chilling in your bed, then Netflix is definitely for you. You can easily relax because you actually can download content from Netflix. In the month of November 2016, they have announced that all the subscription holders can easily download content so that they can peacefully watch it later.

Downloading is undoubtedly the best and the most necessary upgrade made for their users allowing them to watch the best movies on Netflix. There are millions of reasons why you would want to download instead of just streaming, that is because downloading will ensure that your content plays without any buffering so that you can watch without any interruption.

Netflix consumes around 1 to 3 gigabytes of data in an hour when you are streaming in a highly defined resolution. Imagine the experience that you will have, the details in the ultra clear streaming video will almost feel realistic to you.

Downloading has been made available for all Netflix subscription plans, but this option is only available for tablets and phones on iOS and Android platforms.

In order to access this new feature all you need to do is just update the Netflix app installed on your device. Update the app to the latest available version.

Access the free one-month subscription as a substitute for the usual Netflix packages

If you are a person who doesn’t like commitments, Netflix has just a perfect offer for you. You can just try out Netflix free for a whole month. The subscription can be easily done directly from the homepage of Netflix itself.

Breaking up with Netflix

No wonder the news of Netflix now in Kenya is thrilling, but the prices might make you think again. There are probably an unlimited amount of reasons for anyone to cancel their subscription of Netflix. Hulu and Amazon Prime have already entered the market to compete with Netflix by offering premium and original content for its subscribers. Here is how you can do this and eventually make some savings as well-

How to remove Netflix from your system

It is undoubtedly a very delightful time period for the Kenyans. The news of Netflix available in Kenya might also not be that exciting after a couple of years when you will have nothing but just a subscription number left with you. The addictive content might get you into purchasing more and more content and eventually end up with nothing.

  1. STEP 1: When you sign in to your user profile in Netflix you will get to see the browse section. Also, if you have different profiles for your family and your friends carefully choose the one with an admin access. Remember that the admin account should always be the numero-uno profile when you sign up for Netflix.
  2. STEP 2: Once you sign in, the browse section will be right in front of you. Hover your mouse in the top right corner right over the profile name, a drop-down menu appears. Select the option ‘Your Account’ to go directly to the profile settings.
  3. STEP 3: Now that you have entered your user profile the rest is not at all tough. Take your mouse to the ‘Cancel Membership’ button and you will be one more step near to the removal of Netflix.
  4. STEP 4: If you have decided that you want Netflix out of your system and you are very sure about it only then go ahead. If you think you do, then go ahead and click the ‘Finish Cancellation’ button and then you are very much officially through with Netflix.

There is, however, good news for some of the viewers who are not planning to stick around for long is that even if you have cancelled your Netflix membership right before the end of your succeeding billing period, Netflix will not stop you from watching your favourite shows until your last paid operating cycle has ended. After you cancel, Netflix will all the information about your viewing history along with the DVO cue for a total of 10 months after cancellation.

Removing Netflix Kenya registration from your tablet or phone

There are chances of you getting billed by Google Play or Apple Music if you have created the Netflix account from your Smartphone or your tablet, depending on the device of your choice. Follow these simple steps to remove your account from your devices.

For Google Play

  • Step 1: First open the Google Play Store app on your Android Smartphone and then just go to the top-left corner of your search bar and hit the menu button.
  • Step 2: When the menu section appears, all you have to do is tap ‘Account’ and now select ‘Subscription’.
  • Step 3: From the list of subscriptions that have popped out, select the one which says ‘Netflix’. Click ‘Cancel’ to finish up your streaming service.

For iTunes

  • Step 1: Right on the home screen of your device just tap the ‘Settings’ app. Now keep scrolling down until you get to see ‘iTunes & App Store’, next just click on your Apple ID.
  • Step 2: Select your subscription once the Apple ID has opened in front of your screen. A list of the paid-up memberships which are under Apple Music will be appearing in front of you. Select your subscription of Netflix.
  • Step 3: If you are very much sure about this, tap the ‘Cancel Subscription’ and then just confirm your final decision.

Netflix password sharing

This is considered to be the ultimate hack for Netflix users before the Netflix Kenya launch. You can definitely share your login and password credentials among the other users. The CEO of Netflix has agreed to the fact that sharing of passwords does not make any impact on Netflix’s bank accounts. However, you are only limited to watch four different videos streaming on four different devices right at the same moment. This package is actually a family package plan.


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