Motorbike sellers in Kenya


We regularly invest excessively energy considering while at the same time contributing a whole on our most loved stuff. Motorbikes are one among those. In any case, be cautious while picking the merchant you will manage. Give us a chance to make you mindful of a portion of the best Motorbike Dealers In Kenya. Appreciate the ride!

Motorbike dealers in Kenya

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Best motorbike sellers in Kenya

Who doesn’t care for Motorbikes? Since adolescence, huge numbers of us get this fantasy of purchasing our most loved motorbikes and zoom past the avenues. With the days going by and with the fast headway of advances and new Motorbikes coming into the market the interest of one towards it even develops increasingly and it’s ceaseless.

Particularly when you will purchase something that you esteem from the center of your heart, you ought to be more watchful and much mindful who you purchase from. Well there are number of Motorbike Dealers In Kenya yet the correct ones will give you the best cost and that too as indicated by your financial plan. Here we will tell you a portion of the real Motorbike Dealers In Kenya.

Motorbike merchants in Kenya

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1. Rae General Motorcycle parts and Accessories

Address: Free Market Place alongside Co-agent Bank, M7, River Rd

Portable: (+254) 0726 160281

2. Montana Motor Cycles and extras

Address: second Flr, River Rd Opp New Ishanel Bldg

Portable: (+254) 0722 105588

3. Dashing Motor Cycle Spares

Address: River Road Trade Center, West Wing, Shop B6, River Rd

Portable: (+254) 0720 955907

4. Limax Motorcycle Spares

Address: Mariam Arcade, Cross Rd

Versatile: (+254) 0720 981843

5. Kingbird Motorcycle

Address: C39, Eldoret, Kenya

Versatile: (+254) 0726 133555


Motorbike For Sale Kenya. Where would i be able to purchase a motorbike?

There is extensive variety of Motorbike accessible in our market; you’ve to pick the one that suit your necessities. Regardless of whether you need the a la mode, lively or common turn is absolutely upward to you. There are a lot of Motorbike available to be purchased in Kenya where you can even adjust your motorbike too. There are a lot of fashioners over here in Kenya who will plan your motorbikes in an approach to give harsh rides in streets which are not that sufficiently conventional.

Cruiser – from motorbike merchants in Kenya

Cruisermotorbike kenya

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Their motors are not the intense ones and are produced for the most part for an ordinary ride. In these sorts of motorbikes the maximum RPM stays around 3k. The transmission of apparatus in such framework isn’t should be done every now and again. Aside from that the request is extremely uncommon these days.

Sports bike – from motorbike merchants in Kenya

motorbike kenyamotorbike kenya

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Game Bike from the name we can make out something quick, snazzy, forceful with adjusted motors and suspension. Aside from it the quality to weight proportion offers shockingly better mileage and solidness of the structure.

Suspension overall has been enhanced a ton for offering a superior ride involvement. The slowing mechanisms are even enhanced with the ABS becoming possibly the most important factor. It’s something we can totally depend upon. Wellbeing alongside life span that is the thing that innovation brings to the table us today.


Motorbike KenyaMotorbike Kenya

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On the off chance that you are hunger for new experiences and love to go to places sometimes with your little built mate, at that point this is the one for you. It has normally got a high limit fuel tank to cover awesome separations, alongside effective motors, better convenience and baggage space also.

Sports touring Touring bikes


This is a sort of motorbike which is Hybrid in nature, as we can make out from the name. It has the highlights of game and in addition visiting motorbike. The stance is altered to give a long agreeable trip. Contrasted with sports bicycle the settlement is likewise better and gear space has additionally been expanded. It is a lightweight motorbike, effective motors with better brakes and cornering, in this way an entire bundle for a forceful ride.

Dual sport


Double games are outlined in a way with the end goal that it can be utilized for both on/rough terrain purposes. The structures of such motorbike are like earth bicycle. They have every one of the highlights introduced which will concede them the authorization to be utilized on open streets. They have brilliant highlights which incorporates a high ground leeway, a high focus of gravity, tall seat tallness therefore offering a superior suspension in harsh streets.



Utility motorbikes are for the most part utilized by emergency vehicle, blood bicycles, fire military administrations and pizza conveyance administrations. They are for the most part used for a specific administrations or occupations.

Motorbike deals in Kenya

Motorbike is a standout amongst the most helpful methods for transportation as we probably am aware. It spares time as well as offers us with mileage. Motorbikes are generally known as boda-bodas in Kenya. Individuals in Kenya are purchasing a greater amount of motorbikes in light of the fact that the transportation framework here is exceptionally poor. Aside from that there are different techniques now accessible that makes the buy and upkeep less demanding. Organizations like Honda Kenya and Yamaha Kenya have presented different motorbikes at less expensive rates over the previous years for us Kenyans.

Motorbike hustling in Kenya


With regards to Motorbike Racing in Kenya there’s just a single thing which comes into our brains, ‘The East African Motor Sports Club’. It was established in the year 1947, it was in the year 1990 the primary focal point of the club moved towards cruiser sports. The consent of every one of these races are given by the Kenya Motor Sports Federation (KMSF) and to choose the national title of motorbike Kenya.


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