KPLC Tokens delay fix: How to deal with tokens delay

KPLC Tokens delay fix

Using prepaid KPLC metering is convenient, easy, and super fast until systems breakdown and you have to wait long for hours to generate KPLC tokens. Nonetheless, Kenya Power has taken several measures to ensure KPLC token delay does not inconvenience you. We have analyzed various ways of solving the KPLC token delay.

Prepaid customers can easily purchase tokens through KPLC Paybill number token, which is 888880, or from the nearest KPLC tokens agents. The KPLC token repayment takes minutes to complete. Buying tokens from agents is faster than purchasing through MPESA. What happens when generating the KPLC tokens takes longer than expected?

How to Buy KPLC Tokens When Experiencing Delays

For one to purchase Kenya power tokens in case of any delays, you will need to go to the Kenya Power banking halls and get assistance from their representatives at the vending machines. Tell the cashier there of the exact KPLC tokens amount that you want to buy (for instance, it may be Ksh 1000) and give the representative the exact money. They will then issue power tokens from their vending machines for you.

Getting Help in events of KPLC Prepaid Token Delay

If you are having problems with KPLC Prepaid Token Delay, you can reach out to the KPLC Customer care service through various channels.

  1. Twitter and Facebook

The Kenya Power customer Care is one of the most responsive pages on social media. You can find them on the Twitter handle @ KenyaPower_Care and KenyaPowerLtd on the Facebook page. You can tweet them or inbox them about your situation; be sure to include your power meter number. The support staff will then reply with the token amount and the exact amount paid. Every time there is a delay in processing tokens, the social media pages will tell customers in advance. The social media pages additionally come in handy when asking about the KPLC token prices or any other modifications.

  1. Email

You can email Kenya Power Care at to find out the situation of your prepaid tokens. Remember to show your meter number and the amount used to obtain the tokens.

  1. Telegram

Kenya power bot on Telegram channel provides real-time updates on feedback on delayed, prepaid power tokens. The objective of the Kenya Power bot is to make it simpler for consumers to access the state of postpaid and prepaid accounts. When you join the Kenya Power bot to your chats, you will get a summary of the services available.

  1. Call Customer Care

KPLC has emergency hotlines for consumers to use in conditions such as token delay. Call 95551

or 0703070707 or 0711 031 000, 0732170170 or 020-3201680 or +254203287000 or +254203287000 for assistance with the delayed, prepaid tokens.

  1. Visit your Nearest KPLC Branch

You can also get KPLC token customer care from the nearest KPLC office.

How to Check KPLC Token Balance

One way of circumventing inconveniences caused by delayed KPLC tokens is to lessen your balance regularly. You can control your prepaid meter to check your expenditure. Additionally, you can use Telegram or the Kenya Power app to check your token’s balance and previous transactions. The Kenya Power bot on Telegram allows you to check your last token as well as five past tokens and any debts. Initially, you need to download and start the telegram app. Follow the Kenya Power bot and click on the menu and choose the option you want.



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