How to register a clearing and forwarding company in Kenya 2021 -guide


Clearing and sending organizations are extremely crucial for the shipment of merchandise from outside nations into Kenya. They go about as a connection between the proprietors of the load and the methods for transport that will be utilized to convey the payload in Kenya.They additionally help in documentation, for example, fare and import documentation. Keeping in mind the end goal to be a clearing and sending specialist in Kenya, there are a few guidelines you should agree, this permitting is finished by Kenya Revenue Authority ( KRA).

On this article, we will feature a portion of the records required with a specific end goal to be an authorized clearing and sending operator.

Application Process

New Applicants


As a matter of first importance, you will get and fill  C20 form which at that point will be submitted to a permitting officer. The form can be downloaded here.


Critical Documents You Must Have Before making an Application

  1. PIN certificate for the Company and every one of its staff
  2. ID for all executives and directors
  3. VAT reg Certificate
  4. Memoranda of Association, Articles of Association unmistakably demonstrating the Clearing and forwarding Agent’s firm is an enlisted business.
  5. Authentication of Registration from the Registrar of Companies
  6. Certificate of good conduct
  7. Confirmation of enrollment with a perceived Clearing and Forwarding Association (KIFWA). The confirmation may appear as a letter, installment receipt for a yearly participation charge or an authentication.
  8. Letter from financiers demonstrating the organization keeps up a record with them.
  9. Letter from Domestic expenses Department affirming that the Company and every one of its Directors have held up current Income Tax and VAT returns.
  10. Receipt of installment for the application frame.


In the wake of presenting your application, you will be welcomed and met by the Licensing Committee. Fruitful candidates suggested for permitting are advised and requested to pay the required License charge. The application is then affirmed by the Commissioner and a clearing specialist’s permit is issued. Unsuccessful candidates can likewise make an interest by which a hearing is led, after which permitting is either prescribed or declined.

Clearing and forwarding permit renewal

Application for renewal of the permit is made on the endorsed License reestablishment frame and submitted to customs.

The Licensing Officer checks for consistence with the conditions for recharging and affirms if the organization has no extraordinary exchanges or pending inquiries.

On the off chance that the candidate has no pending inquiries or extraordinary exchanges, a suggestion is made Commissioner’s office for recharging/renewal of the permit.

The permit is then restored.


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