How to open and run Equity bank agent-step by step and requirements


About Equity Bank agent Banking

Equity agent swift banking allows Kenyans to access and enjoy banking services conveniently at their desired locations without having to visit the main branches which could be far away. The Equity agent banking service which was released to market in 2011 has seen a huge profit growth since it’s  interception; As of October 2017,  Equity Bank Kenya Ltd had a sum of 25,428 agent outlets in Kenya. On this exclusive post, we are going to guide you at the requirements one must fulfil before applying to become an Equity Bank agent in Kenya.

Requirements for starting Equity Bank agent Banking

  1. A valid business establishment that has been running conveniently in the same location for a minimum of  one year before application
  2. A business permit related to the business in question above
  3. A strategic and secure business location
  4. A good reputation and high moral standing
  5. An wide reach and catchment location
  6. A mini statement of commercial activity- 12 months
  7. Current statements for the last 6 months

Documents for starting an Equity Bank agent Banking 

  1. Agency Banking application form fully completed and signed by the applicant
  2. Valid Kenyan National ID or passport and copies for the principal applicant(s)
  3. A certificate of good conduct
  4. A mini statement for the past 12 months of your business
  5. Bank and/or Loan statements from any other banking institution for the past 12 months
  6. Three scanned copies of pre-signed Equity Agent Contract to attach the application
  7. Copy of certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration of the business name as applicable
  8. memorandum of association/Partnership deed where applicable
  9. Board resolution (applicable to companies and partnerships)
  10. A business license or permit for any legal commercial activity carried on by the entity
  11. Printed financial records for the last 12 months
  12. Sketch map for business and home location
  13. CRB report
  14. Two clear passport size photos for every applicant
  15. CV of all the applicants
  16. 3 colored photos of the business outlet indicating the following:
  • Interior view of premises from the door
  • Interior view showing stocks
  •  Outside view that clearly show the neighborhood