How to Import Sugar in Kenya-full requirements and procedure


With recent developments on sugar importation into Kenya, the question on your mind is how to import sugar into Kenya or what are the requirements to import sugar in Kenya?

In this conclusive article, we will guide you through all the requirements that you need to accomplish before applying for a sugar importation license in Kenya latest.  As you may know,  the importation of sugar into Kenya is regulated by the Kenyan Agriculture and Food Authority. There are just a total 233 licensed importers in Kenya for mill white and industrial sugar as of the year 2018.

Any businessperson who eyes to import sugar not smuggle into Kenya is a must to apply for a license yearly from the Agriculture and Food Authority which will make you part with around Ksh 100,000. Sugar importation Applications must be done in the timespan of 1st July to 30th June of every financial year.

Here are the documents that must be submitted along with the application letter.

1. Company Profile

2. Certificate of incorporation

3. Current Business Permit

4. Latest Audited Accounts

5. PIN/VAT Registration Certificate

6. Memorandum and Article of Association

7. Identification and Profile of Company’s Directors

8. Tax Compliance Certificate

9. A Certificate of Good Conduct for Directors of the Company.

10. Duly filled Crop Act, 2013 form. Download the form here.

Here are the requirements for renewals. 

1. Duly filled Crop Act, 2013 form. Download the form here.

2. Current Business Permit

3. Ongoing Tax Compliance

4. Form E. Download Form E here

Pre-shipment approval  Requirements 

1. Copy of the customs entry documents

2. A valid Proof of issuance of payment of taxes that are duly certified by the registered importer from whom the sugar was procure

3. Proof of payment for the sugar from the registered importer

4. Identification and contact details of the importer from whom dealer procured the sugar

5.Printed Copies of the invoices and payment receipts relating to the sugar.

6. Quantity and type of Sugar

7. Country of Origin of the sugar

8.Intended time of importation

Note: After being registered as an importer one can apply for pre-shipment approval for quantities intended for importation in the next 1-3months. With a pre-approval, a permit is then issued.

Permit Requirements  

1.Dated Bill of Lading

2. Imports Declaration Form (IDF) – You can download it here.

3. Certificate of Origin

4. Commercial Invoice

You have to note that :

  • You are not permitted to pack sugar into a different quantity, material or brand from the original packaging without the authorization of the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  •  A package of imported sugar, whether repackaged or in original packaging, must bear, in bold print, the name and contact details of the manufacturer, country of origin, consignor, and consignee.
  • registered company or individual of sugar import who wants to rebrand or rename a consignment of imported sugar must apply for authority from the Kenya Revenue Authority KRA before proceeding with rebranding the sugar.
Any companies or persons who import sugar into the country and who does not comply with the above mentioned regulations shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ten million shillings.