How to get a paybill number in Kenya

How to get a paybill number

Getting Mpesa Paybill Number in Kenya: Have you ever wondered how to apply for, register, and obtain a pay bill number?, get or open this Safaricom Lipa Na MPESA Pay Bill number that enables businesses. To run so smoothly? It’s really more straightforward than you may have thought, just a couple of requirements and easy steps. Below is an application process for opening Safaricom’s M-PESA paybill number for your hotel, organization, business, charity donation, or even for fundraising.

 How to apply for the Safaricom Lipa Na Mpesa Paybill Number for companies

Info: If you are looking for steps on how to apply for a short term Mpesa pay bill number, see our Short Term Paybill Application

Before you apply for the Mpesa Pay Bill number:

  • Download the MPESA Pay Bill application form here, fill it and sign it accordingly. Also, you must download the document containing terms and conditions as regards to getting an MPESA Pay Bill number.
  • Have a signed Tariff Guide
  • Make a clean copy of the certificate of incorporation of your registered company and stamp it; as a form of certifying it (This applies for Limited Companies).

Readily have the original and stamped or company sealed Board Resolution on your company’s letter cover having signatories of at least two (2) directors within last 30 days stating:

  • Authority to open a Safaricom Pay Bill account or Transact business on behalf of your company
  • Appointed persons having official signatory authority and provide copies of their identification(ID) documents.
  • Bank information
  • Nominated Safaricom mobile Number to initiate withdrawal of funds on behalf of your company. (This usually is optional)
  • Readily have the KRA tax pin certificates for your registered company and those of your company’s directors.
  • Obtain a copy of the CR12, which has a validity period of 30 days, or the Annual Returns with the filling receipt.
  • Get a copy of the Utility Bill or the Business Photo to affirm the existence of your Business.
  • Make copies of the Identification Documents of the people opening the paybill account. These would be the following: copies of the National ID or even Military Service Number, Passport or the Alien Certificates for the Foreign Nationals.
  • Obtain a canceled bank cheque or a letter from your bank confirming your authentic bank details.

Having fulfilled the steps as mentioned above and instructions, boldly walk into the Safaricom buildings with the documents listed above and ask to be issued a Pay Bill number. It takes around a week or two to get the paybill number.

Requirement of application for Mpesa lipa na paybill number for sole proprietorship business

  1. A Cancelled cheque or letter from your Bank confirming Bank details
  2. Copy of your Business Registration/or Business Permit
  3. Copy of your Identification Documents of Persons Opening the account, i.e., Copy of the National ID or a Military Service Number (Passport/Alien Certificate for Foreign Nationals).
  4. Copy of Utility Bill like KPLC or Business Photo to prove the existence of the Business
  5. Correctly filled and signed application form &Terms and conditions.
  6. Individual or organization KRA Pin (Not Mandatory)
  7. Signed Tax Guide

Requirement of registering Mpesa paybill number for fundraising (for school fees, treatment, event, e.t.c)

  • Paybill numbers for money fundraising do not need many documents as they are issued for a short time and closed. You can short term pay bill application pattern.

MPESA Pay Bill service assists make payment transactions effective a good deal. It is consequently prudent to endeavor to use it in your business or other related platforms, as long as you’re qualified to ask for one.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions related to the mpesa pay bill number in Kenya.



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