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How to check ID status online and via SMS in Kenya


Kenyan National identity card is a critical document in all Kenyan national undertakings and citizenship separated from individual ID. Application for an ID card is procedural and requires significant time before completion. Thus, applying for the ID can on occasion be baffling and regularly aggregates a considerable measure of hard times to applicants. Checking the status of the ID card application online is useful in knowing where the process has reached so far.

How to confirm that your ID card is ready?

Evidently, there are two fundamental courses through which a candidate can follow the status of an ID application. A valid example is the utilization of an SMS administration to find the status of the ID. To do this, a waiting card for the ID is primarily required.Don’t forget the serial number.

How to Check ID Status using SMS

A working SMS plan and a minimum of Ksh 5 are both required to help in the inquiry process. In case of a delay, resend the message and wait for up to three days before trying again. Contact the Identity card service providers using their official email address  info@identity.go.ke for any further queries in case all enquiries fail.

The process

  1. Send a new SMS from your mobile phone
  2. Enter nine digits of on your waiting Card
  3. Send the SMS to 20031

How to Check ID Status online in Kenya

Checking the status of Kenya national identity card should too be possible online separated from utilising the SMS benefit and physically visiting the area office. Online administration entryway would now be able to be found at http://www.identity.go.ke/search.html. To discover the ID status through the foresaid the site, the candidate will primarily be required to give subtle elements, for example, the nine digits serial code imprinted on the holding up card. The holding up card is given when the candidate initially applies for an ID out of the blue or when making a reestablishment.

Kenya National Registration Bureau is considered capable of preparing and dealing with the identity of al Kenyans through National Identification numbers. Kenyan ID application administrations would now be able to be gotten to effortlessly through different Huduma Centers found deliberately in all regions.

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Kenya national identity card has turned into a need for individuals to achieve different administrations offered by legislative and non-legislative establishments. www.identity.go.ke status provides a dependable road for individuals to find out about their applications at the solace of their homes. Kenya is presently experiencing exhaustive an advanced unrest in which fundamental administrations would now be able to be gotten to calm on the web. Enrollment of people Kenya has pulled in a few people to affirm their citizenship through national identification.

Identity.go.ke look controls the residence and section of outsiders into the nation. The workplace of migration limitations initially imparted in 1906 have consistently filled in as a mainstay of managing Kenyan patriotism. Following the status of ID card taking care of has for a long while been hampered by extended manual models, by the later digitization of the strategy.

How to Check if Your ID is Ready

The procedure on how to check if your ID is ready for collection in Kenya has now become more straightforward. In any case, it is difficult to procure a national identification number and citizenship in Kenya. It is significantly harder to demonstrate the status of the ID application without utilising a dependable database. Shockingly, a few candidates sit tight for long just to wind up frustrated upon eccentric preparing disappointments and blunders. Such less than ideal mistakes can some of the time be expensive and frustrating to candidates.

As indicated by the administration, a few identity cards remains un-collected just in light of the fact that the proprietors are not proficient on the way toward checking the application status. Subsequently, identification cards over remain at the collection point longer than it is fundamental.

In the wake of finishing the application procedure, Kenyan sit tight for their national identification cards for up to a year. As a significant aspect of the administration activity, National card preparing now take a shorter period, hence it is essential for individuals to figure out how to see whether their own cards are ready for accumulation and in what station.


Making regular trips to find out the status of ID processing through the District officer is costly and time-consuming. Most trips made for similar enquiries are often slapped with disappointments with common pleas to exercise patience and at times requests for fresh applications.

Utilizing SMS administration to check the status of the identification card is presently more attractive and advantageous at a cost well-disposed expense. Besides using the SMS benefit, candidates can utilize online administrations to discover the availability of their identification cards. Innovation has made it workable for such administrations to wind up open by essentially getting to the web paying little heed to the region and time.

The handling length for national identification cards takes up to two months. It is recommended for applicants to start tracking their ID applications from 4 or 5 weeks on submitting all the necessary application forms. Candidates should take a decent care of the holding up card since it is critical in discovering the status of the genuine ID.