How To Cancel A PureGym Membership

How To Cancel A PureGym Membership

PureGym is a popular 24-hour fitness club in the UK, and they offer affordable memberships and provide limited services, including cardio equipment, weights, and exercise classes. It was actually the first gym chain in England to attract one million members.

However, no matter how great a service is, people can still decide to quit for one reason or another. Therefore, does PureGym no longer interest you? Do you feel absolutely sure that you are done with their gyming lessons? We can help you free yourself from the club once and for all. See How To Cancel A PureGym Membership:

How Can I Change My PureGym Membership?

If cash is the reason why you are fed up, you can simply downgrade your membership for payments to be comfortable for you. Getting rid of all the extra fees that are hurting your pocket and going for the standard membership could be the solution to the issue.

However, since the standard membership is cheaper, expect to only be allowed access into the gym during restricted hours. In fact, your choices for classes will be limited, and your options will not be as broad as you were formerly used to.

How Can I Cancel My PureGym Membership?

For monthly memberships, all you have to do is reach out to your bank to cancel the Direct Debit. This should be done at least 3-4 working days before the next payment date. It can be done online, over the phone, or by visiting the bank.

For fixed-term membership accounts, it can be canceled within 2 weeks of starting for a full pro-rata money refund or any time after that for 50%. After canceling the Direct Debit, your gym membership will be terminated automatically before your next payment is due.

How Can I Change My PureGym Direct Debit?

Have the payment dates stopped working for you? Rather than canceling, you could simply ask for a change of the date of your Direct Debit payments. They are taken on the same date on a monthly basis, therefore if payday changes, adjustments can be made to the Direct Debit too. You are allowed to alter the payment date after PureGym collects at least one monthly payment. The original date is the day you activate your membership.

How Can I Restart A Cancelled PureGym Membership?

Did you change your mind again, and you want to be part of the PureGym family? Well, PureGym will not reject your return. There will be no joining fee, and all you have to do is activate an old membership. If you cannot handle it online or if there is an added charge, reach out to PureGym Member Services. The site can reactivate your previous 8-digit PIN number for you.

If you canceled your Direct Debit recently and then changed your mind, it is not tricky. If the bank cannot revert the Direct Debit cancellation, you should reach out to PureGym and inform them that you canceled it by mistake. They will then set up another Direct Debit with no disruption to your account or membership.


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