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The Government of Kenya has brought online its HR Services online to ease its HR obligation to all its employees through the Government Human Resource Information System. Therefore all Kenyan government employees are required to have a working Login Portal account to be served well by their employer. 

The government employees will be obligated to register for the GHRIS Login Portal services, upload and also update their employment profiles. They will be using the very same Ghris Portal to download their payslips which are very vital for personal services such as getting a bank loan.

Also, through the online GHRIS Login Portal, employees will be able to download their annual KRA P9 forms for their KRA iTax returns.

GHRIS additionally offers this platform for other institutions like Banks, MFIs – Microfinance Institutions, certified SACCOS, Social Welfare Associations.

Use this next link to access the GHRIS Login Portal.

Ghris Login Portal Registration Online

To register for the GHRIS Online, you will need to have the following information.

  1. Your Government or relevant company employment number or Personal Number
  2. Your National ID Card Number
  3. KRA PIN Number
  4. Date of First Appointment
  5. Your Mobile Number
  6. Personal Email

To access the online GHRIS Login and registration Portal, just click on this LINK.

How to Update GHRIS Profile Details in the Ghris Portal

Each employee is bound to make sure they have uploaded the correct certificates and all testimonials, starting from the Primary school certificates, their Secondary and High school certificates, college certificates, relevant professional certificates, employment letter, their KRA Pin number, etc.

The Public Service Commission holds the right to demand for the correct document from you.

  1. To update your particulars in GHRIS Portal, just log in to your account and click on the update details tab.
  2. Fill in every empty box. (Make sure the information you fill in is correct because giving of false information can result in prosecution and dismissal depending on the weight of the offense, e.g., forged document details)
  3. Fill in the Birth Certificate No. This is very important for security purposes. It should be filled in this method (e.g., for an officer of the recruit course number. 2006 should fill out like 1/2006).
  4. You may also encounter a situation where the institution you have studied at is not listed in the online GHRIS system; just use the email provided by the ghris system to notify the online webmaster to add it into the system.
  5. If you were not an employed before, fill in details of your current job in the employment history section. In case you had a work promotion, also include it.
  6. Worry not about your wife/spouse’s/guardian’s or child’s Tax Pin and Birth Certificate Number being requested in the next-of-kin section. If you do not have them, just use type ‘N/A.’
  7. When you’ve filled your online profile completely, you can easily access your Ghris payslip. If you have not successfully filled your profile, you will be prompted to ‘UPDATE PROFILE FIRST.’

It is advisable always to view your Ghris Payslip using PDF.

Step by step procedure for Filling and also Updating your Ghris Profile 

Step 1: Personal Details

  1. Fill in all those dialogue boxes that the HR system has not filled.
  2. Treat your Birth Certificate Number with great importance here.
  3. Fill as N/A in the fields where you don’t have details.

Step 2: Background Details

  1. Leave alone the greyed-out fields.
  2. For the home location, use the 1992 demarcation since the IEBC data of the latest demarcation has not been integrated with the system.

Step 3: Work Details

GHRIS Login Portal for the Ghris Payslip Download Online

In paragraph form, correctly fill in your current portfolio.

Step 4: Education Details

On the Ghris Website, most of the Kenyan schools are not listed. So, for the primary and secondary school education, the critical information to be populated is

  1. Level of education,
  2. Examining body,
  3. Total Duration,
  4. Country of study,
  5. The Date enrolled,
  6. Year of graduation,
  7. Certificate Number (this is Very Important) Give ALL the Certificates you have.

Step 5: Work/Job History

  1. If you were employed before you enrolled to the service, specify those jobs here.
  2. If you were not yet employed before, fill in your current employment. 
  3. For any promotion purposes, these details should be populated in a different record. 

Step 6: 

You can also change the information about Pension Proportion (%) any time. /Reset GHRIS Password

If you have forgotten your GHRIS portal Account Password, you can then reset it by following these steps

  1. Click on the following link Forgot/Reset Password to start the process
  2. Fill in the details required
  3. After verification of your request, the reset link will be sent to your email address
GHRIS forgot password
GHRIS forgot password

How to Download GHRIS Payslip Online

Kenya Government employees have the Ghris Payslip Login online account to Download Payslips and the KRA P9 Form, you can Upload Certificates Update Password.

The government publishes its GHRIS payslip online through the online Portal. Workers are then required to download it so as to access essential services like accessing bank loans. Check the procedure below.

The time needed is about 5 minutes.

How to Download GHRIS Payslip Online

  1. Access the official GHRIS official website at
  2. Click on the Government of Kenya Employees link.
  3. To log in, type your User ID and password you acquired after registration.
  4. The portal will open if the login info is correct. Click on the ‘Forgot your Password’ link if you have forgotten your correct login password. You will then need access to your email or your phone to confirm your identity for you to reset and then get a new password
  5. Click on the ‘My Records tab.’
  6. Choose ‘my payslip’ option
  7. On the left position of the screen, select the payslip you want to view. For the current payslip, select the present payslip link.
  8. On the newly opened page, the options for the month, year, and view payslip will be displayed
  9. Click the view payslip and wait for it to be displayed
  10. Click on the “print payslip” to print the payslip
  11. Select the document printer of your choice and click on OK to print.

GHRIS KRA P9 Form Download Guide

  1. Login to the Ghris portal,
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, click on the P9 forms tab.
  3. Choose the year you want.
  4. Click on the view the P9 form tab.
  5. If you would like to print the P9 form, click on the print button.

GHRIS Website, Official Ghris portal, Online

The official online website for Government Human Resource Information System is at

GHRIS Contacts, Offices, Address, Phone Number, 

Location: Harambee House, Harambee Avenue Nairobi

Telephone number: 020 2227411

Email Address: 

Facebook Page: Ghris Facebook Page

P.O. Box 30095, 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Harambee Avenue

Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: +254 (020) 2223901-5, 2227471-5

Fax: +254 (020) 2214791

Mobile: +254-724-253807, +254-735-800282, +254-724-253807, +254-735-800282



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