Full list of all GOtV packages and their prices in Kenya 2021


The following are all the full GOtv Packages and their Prices in Kenya as per the year  2021. GOtv is an affordable digital pay TV  that was launched in Kenya back in 2011 courtesy of Multichoice in a partnership with KBC (Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation).

What you will require  to access their services is a GOtv decoder that is also available at local retail shops including installation and a GOtenna. As per 2020, a Gotv Decoder and a GOtenna sells at Ksh 2,999 while the decoder alone is cheaper and costs Ksh 1999.

The following is a comprehensive table with all the GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya.

Gotv Channels


Number Of Channels


GOtv Max 

42 Channels


GOtv Lite (Annual)

16 Channels


GOtv Plus

38 Channels


GOtv Value

23 Channels


GOtv Lite Monthly

16 Channels


GOtv Lite Quarterly

16 Channels


All GoTv subscribers will be capable of accessing different channel categories including religious content, entertainment, sports, children’s programming, food and fashion. The level of your access depends on the bouquet. Customers who subscribe to gotv plus can obtain more channel categories than the Value and Lite subscribers.

How Much Does the GOtv Starter Kit Cost?

The prevailing market price for a gotv decoder and antenna is Ks. 2,999. The beginner kit will gift you with one-month free gotv Plus subscription. The joy will, nevertheless, come up when you first subscribe since you will be able to access over forty local and international channels. It will later be at your discretion to choose your fancied package through ‘my gotv account’, and this is amazing! Gotv Plus cost higher price amongst the three since it is the premium bouquet while gotv Lite package remains the cheapest.

Having the gotv Lite package, you only have to separate ways with as little as Ksh. 555 after every four months. You will get an access to various local channels and a couple of weird international stations. Within this package, gotv Kenya will bring you KTN News, NTV, Citizen, K24, JimJam, Inooro TV, KBC Channel 1, Afro Music Fashion TV, America’s Got Talent, Aljazeera, and Islam Channel. There are three gotv payment options for gotv Lite; you could opt to pay monthly, quarterly or even annually.

Deserving mentioning also is the Gotv plus packages that is the premium package, meaning subscribers get access to more channels. These extra channels include

  • Telemundo
  • E!
  • Movies Zone
  • S blitz
  • GBS
  • Fox Life
  • Nat Geo Wild, EBr
  • S Sselect
  • S select 2
  • Discovery Channels
  • M EPIC
  • S9
  • Fashion One
  • Voxafrica
  • Big brother Naija

Others include NICKELODEON, Zee World, E Africa, Kass TV, MV BasePWANI TV, BBC, CNN, Faith Broadcasting Network, Disney Junior, and B4U Movies.

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Suitable Subscription Management & Renewal Options

The great news is that you can pay for gotv packages at the comfort of your bed. The different payment options available include M-PESA (With Business No.423655), AIRTEL MONEY (With Business name: GOTV), Visa Card, PesPal, CraftSilicon, or at times through the local banks.

Gotv Kenya values you, and it is well aware that you would love to get things done most conveniently. For that reason, it has availed many payment options using local network providers, online as well as through banks like Diamond Trust, Equity, Faulu, Prime, and Centenary among others.

Just for your information, gotv Kenya gives you the option of upgrading your package at your convenience. If you would wish to move from gotv Lite to gotv Plus, all you have to do is send a text message to 22688 , containing the word ‘upgrade’ followed by your IUC number.

Another method, you could make a call to gotv Kenya company and request them for a package upgrade, or do so through their Twitter handle or Facebook page. I hope I have discussed all your queries regarding gotv packages.

GOtv payment by using a credit card

You are now ready to pay for your GOtv subscription using your credit card payment powered by Craft Silicon. Simply Sign into your account and or click on the “Pay” button. You will be displayed with a list of online payment systems. Select the Credit Card Payment Powered by Craft Silicon and then follow the instructions.

GOtv payment via Craft Silicon:

  • Click the VISA/MasterCard (powered by Craft Silicon) choice and then click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Enter the following items as displayed on your VISA/MasterCard credit card: your name and surname, your card number, credit card expiry date (select the month and year), Credit Card Verification Number (CVC / CVV number as represented on the back of your card).
  • Enter the amount of cash you want to pay.
  • Click on ‘Pay Online’ option.
  • Once your payment is prosperous you will be presented with the ‘RESULT: Successful’ and will be redirected back to Eazy Self Service.

GOtv payment through banks

You can create your GOtv payments through different banks such as Faulu bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, I&M Bank, NIC Bank, Jamii Bora Bank, and Prime Bank.

For the instalment of your GOtv subscription, log in to your mobile banking application and follow the levels given below:

  1. Log in to your Mobile Banking.
  2. Select the Pay Utility option.
  3. Then click on GOtv option.
  4. Enter your Gotv IUC number; this number is located at the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.
  5. Enter the amount of money which you want to pay.
  6. Select the associated bank account to service the payment.
  7. Input the PIN of the bank account you chose.
  8. Click on Pay to process payment option.

GOtv payment via KCB Bank

To Pay via Kenya Commercial Bank, follow the guidance which is given below:

1.When paying via KCB Mobi

  • *522# – USSD
  • Dial shortcode *522*#
  • Select “Bill Payments > Pay Bill.”
  • Click “GOtv” option
  • Enter the Customer number in Bill Account number.
  • Enter Amount to pay and then succeed on submit button.

2. When paying via KCB App

  • Select “Transact Icon > Pay Bill > Other Billers.”
  • Select “GOtv”
  • Enter Consumer number in Account No.
  • Enter Amount of cash to pay and then submit

3. You can likewise pay at any KCB Bank Agent.

GOtv payment via Equity Bank

You can instantly pay your GOtv bill by merely following the steps below:

How to pay using your Equitel line

  • On the Equitel menu select My Money
  • Select Eazzy Pay > Select Paybill.
  • Select the account to pay from.
  • Select Business> Select More> Select GOtv.
  • Enter your bill account number.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Press OK to validate details of the transaction displayed on the screen.
  • Enter your Equitel PIN and send.
  • You will receive a validation SMS upon completion of the transaction,

How to pay via the Equity Bank’s Eazzy App

  • Press on the plus (+) icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the Eazzy Pay option from the popup menu displayed.
  • Select the Paybill option.
  • Enter Paybill number that is 6800009 or search contact by typing GOtv or in the search bar.
  • Enter your GOtv bill account number.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Click on the Pay option.
  • You will receive a verification SMS upon completion of the transaction.

You can repay at any Equity Bank Branch near you over the counter.

This payment option is accessible to all the subscribers. You will get a copy of the payment slip. The payment done will be refreshed by Equity Bank after an hour.

You can likewise pay at any Equity Agent outlet

GOtv payment through Central Bank of Africa

By using shortcode or SMS:

  • Dial the shortcode of CBA mobile banking that is *654#.
  • Enter your PIN on the screen prompt.
  • Enter option 9 for payment of the utility bill.
  • Enter option 2 for GOTv bill payment.
  • Select the account to repay from.
  • Enter the GOtv account number being serviced.
  • Enter the amount you would want to pay.
  • Enter your PIN to authenticate the transaction. It would be best if you got an SMS verifying the success of your purchase.

By using the CBA Mobile App:

  • Log in to the CBA mobile app by using phone number and PIN.
  • On the menu, select “transact” option.
  • Select “Pay Bills” option.
  • Select account to debit.
  • Select GOtv.
  • Enter the utility account number and then the amount of cash you want to pay.
  • Enter the one-time-password sent to your phone to authorise.

How to Change GOTV Kenya Package

If you need to upgrade your GOTV subscription to GOTV plus, SMS ‘UPGRADE IUC NUMBER’ to 22688, or simply call customer care and request for a decoder upgrade.

If you have not performed so, here is a video of how to open your GOtv account and activate your channels, Enjoy.

How to Clear the Gotv Error E-16

GoTV Kenya discarded away from the Free to Air(FTA) subscription and replaced and renewed it with the GoTV Lite package which is Kshs 555 charged quarterly (once every four months). At one period I was tired of this and decided to choose a different pay tv service provider.

I remember I bought the decoder I was told to pay a given price, and after a month or two, my Gotv decoder will be automatically be converted to FTA. Before I chose to ditch Gotv Kenya, I called them and was informed that there is an alternative to turn my decoder to FTA as they had given this option, rather than paying for what I did not need.

In the beginning, I was informed that I had simply to pay Ksh1,800 administration fee (I testify, I have no idea what this means), for my decoder to be converted before I can begin watching free to air channels. The thing is that their staff is very reluctant to make the change, but I somehow managed to do it.

How to Convert your GOtv Kenya Decoder

Note that that, even after changing your GoTV decoder from pay TV to FTA, that does not indicate that you will stop paying for it. It really attracts a recurring fee of Kshs 1,800 each year, for purposes they can only describe as sustenance. Nonetheless, I know many people are presently facing the same problem that I had some time back, and I would immediately try to help them using a method that worked for me.

In a few easy steps, you should have your GoTV Kenya decoder showing FTA channels, in fewer hours. Note that, Aside from local channels, the only different GoTv channels that you will receive are Faith TV, Islam TV and GO Channel.

Before you change your Gotv Kenya decoder, top up your making payments on the Gotv Kenya Paybill number that is- 423655. Kshs 1,800 to be exact. Then, you can opt to use their self-care centre by phoning *423# and following the voice assists, or you can opt for calling their customer care service on 0711-066-000.

If you only spend and fail to use any of the two options above to reach their customer care service, your decoder will not be changed.

Before you start the call, make sure that you have your IUC number, as it is fundamental to associate your account with the decoder. Converting your decoder should be simple unless you find a customer care agent who is in a terrible mood. Within a short period, your decoder will be dispensing free to air channels.

Gotv Kenya Self Help – Troubleshooting


  1. Turn ON your Gotv Decoder before you Pay for Your monthly subscription.
  2. Pay Extra amount like Kshs 10 on top of the Monthly Fee.
  3. In fewer than 5 minutes, your Account should be renewed. If still there is an error message following 10 minutes, try the following tips to clear error E16, E30, and E17


1st Method – Using the USSD

  • Have your IUC number available
  • Dial *423# on your phone and pick Gotv service option
  • Choose the Reset option and follow the message instructions
  • 2nd Method – Using SMS Service
  • Send a message with your decoder IUC number to 22688. E.g. “RESET


3rd Method – Using the Gotv Eazy Self Service

Visit the official http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/ke/ on your phone or your favourite computer browser, sign in using your phone number and IUC Number.

4th Method – Call Customer Care

Call the number 0711 066 555 and follow the self-service prompt voice and guidance. If you have more data bundles than Credit, Log into your Twitter account and tweet to @GOtvKenya. (Tweets have a much high answer rate than any other methods).

If you appear to be a Facebook fan post on their Facebook page, don’t Rest till your problem has been resolved.

Removing the E-16 Error Message on GOTv Kenya Decoder

The e-16 error is usually a reception problem and not payment issue. Check your tv aerial and adjust it to improve reception. Some people after changing their decoders to FTA got an erroneousness message (E016-0 – Service is currently scrambled).

Clearing this message is straightforward. Simply send an SMS with the word ‘RESET’ succeeded by a single space and then your IUC number to 22688. For instance, if your IUC number is 1234567, your SMS should look this way without the full stop: RESET 1234567