Best estates in Kisumu where you can get good accomodation


Kisumu City is one of the most populated cities in Kenya and the third largest if we compare it with Mombasa and the capital Nairobi. With such a big population, you may be faced with accommodation challenges if your aim is to stay in Kisumu city. However, we have you updated with areas to easily find estates in the city that will make your home search easier.

Here is the list of estates available in Kisumu city;

1.Milimani estate

This is one of the best estates in Kisumu, which gloats of lodges and maisonettes with sizeable door area. With the compound available and all the luxury stuff, some consider it for the rich and quite affordable for the middle class families too. Bedsitters in this estate range fro Ksh5,000 to Ksh10,000 while one bedroom house can cost you around Ksh10,000 onwards.

2. Kenya RE

Fare from this estate to Kisumu CBD is Ksh 20, which is affordable to many.KenyaRe is one of the most organized rentals in Kisumu and you will not regret staying here.Bedsitters go for around Ksh8,000 while a one bedroom house can cost you up to Ksh20,000 per month.Security is not that much to worry about.

3. Riat slopes estate

It is situated on your way to Kibos, along Kisumu-Kakamega road.This is one of the best estates in Kisumu with lovish homes and bungalows.It is a bit expensive for the middle class families and often chosen by politicians and business tycoons who can afford it. Buying a home here can cost you around Ksh 10,000,000. Security is highly convenient.

4. Lolwe estate

The estate was at one time an abandoned shrub before property engineers came in to change the whole territory with superb structures. It is a white collar class estate found only a kilometer from the Central Business District. It is found not far from Migosi estate and Kenya Re. There is the availability of water and transport to the CBD is not costly.

5.Migos estate

It is an upper working class estate that is profoundly favored because of its nearness to town. The estate reaches out from the Kondele intersection the distance to the neighboring Kenya Re, carwash and Lolwe estates.

6. Polyview estate

This estate lies on a substantial bundle of land that was at one time an open burial ground amid the 1980s preceding its change. It is a white collar class estate with current story structures that will charge you a moderate measure of lease. Rent in this estate in Kisumu starts from Ksh12,000.

7. Mamboleo estate

It is a white collar class estate situated along the Kisumu-Kakamega Road. It outskirts different estates, for example, Riat, Kibos and Migosi. The estate gloats of one of the biggest shopping centers in Western Kenya, the Lake Basin Mall, that harbors an assortment of organizations and administrations.

8. Manyatta estate

The estate is arranged along Kibos street. It is portrayed by houses created utilizing sloppy soil, in this way, lease in this estate is very shoddy to the low-pay workers. Uncertainty is a significant issue in this estate because of the various casual settlements situated there, which harbor offenders.

9. Nyalenda

Nyalenda estate is a built up ghetto suburb in Kisumu, that harbors numerous casual settlements. The territory is commanded by tricksters and low-salary workers. Poor access streets and frailty is among the real difficulties that occupants of this estate are looked with.

10. Obunga estate

It is one of the greatest ghettos in Kisumu, with an expected populace of around 20,000 individuals. It is situated in the northwest piece of the lakeside city. The region is overwhelmed with sloppy houses and shanties. Sanitation and weakness issues are the significant difficulties that are related to this ghetto.

11. Nyamasaria estate

The estate is situated in the edges of Kisumu, on your approach to Ahero. It is an estate that is mostly commanded by the rich and the low-salary workers who have built houses created by sloppy soil.

12.Bandhani estate

It is a white collar class estate that covers the zones around the Kisumu International Airport. The lease is reasonable in this estate. The main detriment is that it is by one means or another a long way from the Central Business District.

13. Kondele estate

The estate lies at an intersection of the Kisumu-Kakamega Highway and Kibos street. Kondele estate is additionally an intersection of other Kisumu estates which incorporate; Kenya Re, Migosi, Manyatta, Mambo Leo, Manyatta and auto wash. The estate has been shaken by viciousness in the previous years over race debate, subsequently frustrating the dynamic development of the potential business center point.

14. Tom Mboya estate.

The estate is contiguous the Kisumu Kakamega Highway and around 200 meters from Kibuye advertise. It is a princely estate overwhelmed by cabins and high edge mixes with very much manicured wall. The estate is related to the rich and relentless in Kisumu.