Best businesses in Kenya to invest with less than 100k


There are more than 1000 business ideas in Kenya that you can commence and benefit from.

Any business despite how much you use as initial capital has the potential to grow into something massive.

I mean, we all begin somewhere and if your goal is to start a business, it doesn’t at all matter how much you have as root capital.

We help to enhance the lives of different Kenyans who are prepared to put resources into thoughts that could make them the tycoons nearby, consistently the Kenyan colleges create more than 50,000 graduates, with the present joblessness rate which is at 41% of the Population, this is a debacle.

This implies we are rich in Human asset however openings don’t exist? So we concocted over Business thoughts that Kenyans can begin today with as meager as Ksh 100,000 and bring home the bacon:

1.Establish a DAY Care School:

Research indicates numerous Kenyans have begun trusting day Care Schools, This is an immense potential business with numerous guardians really paying more than 30,000 for each youngster (relies upon Location) every week, what do you Need? A perfect very much ventilated live with sufficient security and you are ready, you can make UP TO 1,000,000 Clean cash, and this intensely relies upon Trust.

2. Begin a Car Wash

How Often do you clean your Car? What amount do you pay? , this is a Booming Business, by and large you would charge 300/= per auto (body wash) IF you have a decent area and spurred staff you can oversee 100 autos every day, this is 30,000 Per day, expecting you labor for 20 days a month you make a perfect Gross pay of 600,000/=

3. Join a Sacco

Did you know you can join a Sacco in Kenya and be given 5 times the sum spared? This will enable you to extend your business with a decent Capital base and low intrigue. STIMA SACCO is at present the best 5) FMCG provider, Yes for 100K no one but, you can be a main provider of BIDCO Kenya, COCACOLA, RAMCO and CROWN GROUP. There are 2 approaches in this:

To be subcontracted by the Appointed Agents

To do it solo by purchasing as a Wholesaler

4. Purchase STOCK at NSE

On the off chance that you have 250,000 KES you can really Buy STOCK at NSE, The best performing organization is BAT with its cost going up by 7/= as at yesterday.

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5. Home Cleaning Services

This is a blasting business that has not yet been investigated completely in Kenya. You can become famous here particularly while focusing on the Middle Class. Get a group to work for you.

6. Poultry Farming

This is another one of the most lucrative business ideas in Kenya that you can commence with little capital. And I talk out of knowledge, being a poultry farmer myself.

Instead of running on sending numerous job applications without receiving any response, whey not better yourself by starting this business?

Starting a chicken-rearing business needs a seed capital of as low as 15K.

Profit rises as you increase the number of chicken.

8. Manicure/Pedicure business

The real truth is that every lady in Kenya wants to look beautiful and you can penetrate into this potential by commencing a manicure and pedicure business.

I have a buddy who is doing well in this industry and only needed Ks.5, 000 to start it.

Like him, you can begin by doing house calls before you hire a place.


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